We offer a variety of services that fits your business

When you hire Mountain Cape IT Solutions, you can expect the best! With a variety of services that will help shape and/or maintain your business or even fulfill your dream, we offer a variety of services and solutions that you can choose from to meet and defeat the challenges you face.

  • Customize an entire system for your business from the ground-up, including local or online database access, point-of-sale systems, time clocks, inventory management, reservation keeping, asset tracking, whatever you need!
  • Technical support for both software and hardware maintenance
  • Systems integration and installation
  • On-Site replacement and installation of parts and other vital devices

These are just some of the things we offer for small businesses who are starting up and/or those businesses who need technical support.

Solutions in your language

We are a company based in Japan. However, whether you are an expat opening your business in the Land of the Rising Sun, or overseas, we can help you realize your dream no matter where you are in the world! Also, we offer services in Japanese, which includes (but is not limited to) face-to-face customer service, over-the-phone technical support, and Japanese language software suites.


Here is a more comprehensive list of our services.

  • Systems Consultation
  • Software Engineering for Small Business Solutions
  • Database Integration
  • 日本語サポート
  • Multi-Port Software
  • On-Site Service and Repair/Installation (Area Specific)
  • Systems Sales (Hardware and Software)
  • Game Engineering

Please visit our Contact Page for an initial consultation. You may also visit our Pricing page to find a plan that fits your budget.

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