Pricing Samples

Thank You for Considering Mountain Cape IT Solutions

Whatever your budget, we have a plan that may fit. No matter the scope of the project you require, Mountain Cape has a solution for you. See our plans below and consider one that may be right for you.

Local Database for Inventory

Point-of-Sale Application

Time Clock/Payroll Application

Inventory Tracking Interface

Single System Integration

English Language Only

Windows Only
From JPY 120,000
Small Business
Local or Server-Based Database

Point-of-Sale Application

Time Clock/Payroll Application

Inventory Tracking Interface

One Custom Application

On-Site System Installation (Based on

English / 日本語

1 Year Upkeep Warrantee

1 Update/Feature Request for Warrantee
From JPY 200,000
Full System Modeling

Point-of-Sale Application

Time Clock/Payroll Application

Inventory Tracking Interface

Custom Applications as Needed

On-Site System Installation
(Based on area)

On-Site Repair (Based on area)

Systems Training, Local or


5 Year Upkeep Warrantee

Unlimited Update/Feature
Requests for Warrantee Period

Legal exclusivity to your custom
applications for warrantee period.
From JPY 350,000

All of the Start-Up Plan Features

Choose Your Range of Integration
(as locally or as wide as you need)

Warrantee Plans ranging in Years,
from 2 to 20, depending on your needs

On-Site System Repair (All of Japan)

On-Site System Installation (All of Japan)

Unlimited Feature and Update Requests
(Free of charge during your chosen
warrantee plan, or heavily discounted
outside of the plan)

Legal exclusivity to your custom

Systems maintenance outside of the scope
of your plan (for example, printer cartridge
installation, Windows debugging, etc).
Multiple Pricing Options Available. Contact us
for a Consultation

You may choose a plan that works for you, or hire us for a plethora of individual services.

We have a variety of “a la carte” services and options for your consideration. Whatever specific job you need, please consider Mountain Cape to get it done.

A La Carte Services and Options

No matter what plan you choose, you can add these options, or hire us to perform a single job from the items below.

  • Full Consulting – Whether it’s for a business or game design, we offer comprehensive modeling and documentation to help you build a better application or system. JPY 35,000 (No legal license) / JPY 40,000 (With legal license)
  • Multi-Porting – If you need your application to run across multiple working environments, we have that for you. Here is a list of systems we port to and which plans include which platform:
    • Windows 10 – Default, no extra charge
    • macOS – JPY 20,000 (Included in Small Business and above plans)
    • Linux – JPY 10,000 (Included in Small Business and above plans)
    • Android – JPY 30,000 (Included in Start-Up and Corporate plans)
    • iOS – JPY 35,000 (Included in Corporate plan)
    • For Games:
      • Android – JPY 30,000
      • iOS – JPY 35,000
      • X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo – JPY 70,000
  • Social Media Integration – If you need your applications to work directly with social media sites from a single interface, we also have that for you.
    • Facebook / Twitter: JPY 5,000
    • LINE: JPY 15,000
  • Databases – Whether you require the security of a local database, or the convenience of a server-based database, we have the system that will fit you the best.
    • SQLite: JPY 7,000 – Local database, limited features, no hosting required
    • MySQL: JPY 50,000 – server-based, full features, includes hosting (by third party)
    • Both databases include unlimited tables
  • On-Site Maintenance – parts replacement, installation, simple repair, etc.
    • Base: JPY 15,000 / Hour
    • Transportation:
      • Tokyo 23 Wards, JPY 2,000
      • Tokyo Prefecture, (Outside of 23 Wards), JPY 3,000
      • Tokyo, Ome-Hachioji-Westbound JPY 4,000
      • Saitama, Kanagawa (Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sagamihara), JPY 4,000
      • Chiba, Yamanashi, JPY 5,500
    • Cost of parts may vary, depending on availability. Cost may be included in the final total.

We can make your system portable! Have your own independent tablet running your application on a Raspberry Pi! JPY 20,000 (included in Start-Up (1 system) and Corporate Plans, unlimited systems for Corporate Plan Clients)

All prices include Japanese Consumption Tax. Other charges do apply. For International Customers, except for the United States, all charges are in Japanese Yen. For US Customers, reasonable US Dollar prices will be given as part of your consultation.

Due to international law, service is NOT available in China, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. United States Armed Forces military discount available for active duty and veteran service members. Feel free to inquire during your consultation.

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